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About Us

Fiber Cash is an online peer-to-peer investment platform that generates 100% profit on each N5,000 invested by members within 2 days. This platform was designed to serve as a secondary source of income for devoted members members


  • Fill the Registration form on the sign-up page on the day of launch.
  • Verify your details through the confirmation code that would be sent to your email.
  • Sign-in to check if you have been merged with an upline.
  • If yes, you should make a payment of N5,000 to the account displayed on the screen and received confirmation from your upline within 3 hours or get disqualified.
  • Within 24 hours to 7 days you would be merged with 2 downlines each of which would make a payment of N5,000 each to you (confirm each of them immediately you receive payment).
  • Go out and spread the word about this wonderful platform.